A rainbow from Cornwall

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We may not be able to hold Pisky Trails and meet you in person at the moment but that doesn’t mean that we are not busy back here at Pisky HQ, Coverack! We’ve created a new Cornish Pisky Pal!

The colours for a new Cornish Pisky Pal were planned and purchased before Christmas and we put out a sneak preview in January 2020 of the rainbow colours we planned to use. From that point so much happened and with so much uncertainty we delayed the launch, but in May 2020 our little Cornish piskies couldn’t wait any longer to share the news of the new Cornish Pisky Pal!

With the help of our friends on social media, who made suggestions for a name, the Piskies chose the name that Evie suggested and Hero joined us! Considering the current climate Hero seemed to be the perfect name.

Hero is a bright and cheerful pisky, dressed from head to toe in the colours of the rainbow. Hero can always be relied on to help out, whenever there is a need. It is always useful to have a little hero around so why not treat yourself or someone special to their own little Hero!

Hero, and all our other Cornish Pisky Pals, now have new options available when you buy from our online shop. Our Pisky website has had a little re order just to make it more obvious all the Cornish pisky variations that are available! You now simply choose the Pisky that you like and then tick the box to choose if you would like the Pisky as a standard pisky, with a loop, a hammock, a hammock set or a birthday banner.

Also new is the option for a personalised message with your Cornish pisky. This makes a really special gift, your chosen little Cornish Pisky Pal arriving with its own personal message. Perfect for showing you care and keeping in touch long distance!

We still have the Meet the Cornish Pisky Pals page where you can find out all you need to know about your new little Cornish friend!