Piskies take messages around the country!

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A Cornish Pisky, according to Cornish folklore, is a lucky charm. You can now send more than just a lucky charm; you can make your Cornish Pisky unique and individual by adding a personalised label. Your little Cornish Pisky Pal can now be delivered with a coloured card label and a hand written message.

Here at Pisky HQ we have really enjoyed offering this service and Piskies have been sent to help celebrate special days such as Birthdays and Anniversaries but also to tell someone they are still being remembered. With messages such as “Thank you for all you do” and “Take care and stay strong” the little Cornish Pisky Pals are helping to cheer people up and keep things positive.

If you visit our website shop you can add a personalised message on a colourful card with your Cornish pisky for £1.00, the message can be up to 50 characters and really helps make an already individual gift truly unique. Your chosen little Cornish Pisky Pal will be hand selected by us here at Pisky HQ, we will then hand write your personal message on a coloured gift label for your little Pisky to hold.

The little Pisky is then placed in our handmade gift pouch, which has information about Cornish Piskies, and then carefully packaged and sent off in the post via Royal Mail, either to you or your chosen delivery address.

So whether you want to say hello from Cornwall or that you care; a little Cornish Pisky Pal is a perfect postable gift for keeping in touch long distance! Our Pisky website has had a little re order just to make it more obvious all the pisky variations that are available! You now simply choose the Pisky that you like and then tick the box as to whether you would like the Pisky as a standard pisky, with a loop, a hammock, a hammock set and as we have just mentioned, the option for a personalised message. We look forwards to receiving many more personalised messages and helping the Piskies to spread a bit of happiness.