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Many of you over the years have signed up to receive the Cornish Pisky Pal Newsletter, some of you are staying in touch from when we first started in 2012! The Pisky Newsletter is never more than 4 times a year and it brings you up to date with all of the Pisky goings on! We have just sent out our Summer 2020 Newsletter (for some reason we missed the Spring edition this year, can’t think why!)

A Pisky Newsletter includes an update of what is new in the Pisky world, including an introduction to any new Cornish Pisky Pals – the Summer 2020 Newsletter introduces you to our new Cornish Pisky Pal ‘Hero’! There is a full list of Pisky Trail dates or Pisky events for that season and a reminder of which little Cornish Pisky Pals will be celebrating their Birthday in the forthcoming months.

The final part of the Pisky Newsletter is a short story about the Cornish Pisky Pals of Coverack, what they get up to and where you might find them if you look carefully! Just to check that you are good at finding things we have also included a wordsearch, including words that can be found in the Pisky story.

To give you a little insight, below is the Summer 2020 Newsletter story.

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Summer Pisky Story.   

Little piskies love wild flowers and during the summer you will probably notice not just flowers but also seed heads. Seed dispersal is a way that wildflowers can spread to other places and the Cornish Pisky Pals enjoy helping the seeds to go a little bit further than usual so that in the future there will be even more wild flowers!

If you know the Piskies well you will have heard of ‘Pop’ Perran’s Grandad. It probably won’t surprise you to know that Pop loves popping seed pods! Pop has a walking stick and he pokes at seed pods of vetch and gorse to make them spring into action and fire seeds far and wide! The little piskies have to take cover if they are nearby!

Katie likes to carefully pick the seed cups of Pink Campion flowers and then shake out a few at a time so that she makes a seed trail for other piskies to follow. Shanty loves to blow dandelion clocks and watch the little seeds float off in the air. It’s quite hard work for a little pisky to blow so hard that the seeds actually float off so piskies don’t usually manage to blow very many!

The most popular activity amongst the young little piskies has to be sticky catch! Sticky catch involves the seeds of goose grass. These tiny balls stick to clothing and the piskies gather up as many seed balls as they can and then throw them at each other so that they stick to each other’s clothes! At the end of the game they are all very tired and giggly; they pick off the seeds where they stand.

Whichever way of spreading the wild flower seeds they choose the little piskies know that they have helped the wild flowers reach a little bit further than they would without the piskies help and the flowers will help the insects and look beautiful the following year.

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If  you have enjoyed the Pisky story and want to read more about Cornish Pisky Pals we have written and illustrated a book ‘Pisky Treasure’ is available at Pisky H.Q. from our website www.cornishpisky.co.uk or from our usual stockists.

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