Pisky Trails are back!

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As with all businesses, since Covid19 the Piskies have had to make some changes in order to keep us all safe and to meet the Government Guidelines. We had to cancel Pisky Trails during Lockdown and unfortunately all Pisky Trails at Roskilly’s Farm this year, but with a few adjustments we will run both the Early and Late Summer Pisky Trails in Coverack Village.  All the named piskies will be hiding around the village but this time they are out of reach, behind glass or Perspex. We ask those people taking part to respect social distancing, to Pisky Trail in family groups and not to touch the area around where the pisky is hiding. With these alterations in place we are bringing fun family Pisky Trails back to Coverack. Only in Coverack is hiding piskies a sign that we are getting back to normal!

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Early Summer Pisky Trail in Coverack: £2.50 per Pisky Trail; available from Coverack Village Stores, The Old Mill Shop (cash payment only for the Pisky Trails). If you would rather not go into a shop, we are offering a ‘Click & Collect’ from Pisky H.Q. Trevothen, Coverack TR12 6SD. Please order at least the day before through; Private message on Facebook, Instagram or email  and we will send a secure link payment request. After payment, your Pisky Trails can then be collected from outside Pisky HQ the next day or your preferred date. email info@cornishpisky.co.uk for more details. 

One Cornish Pisky Pal sticker will be given with each Pisky Trail purchased, this will now be given when you purchase your Pisky Trail. To enter the prize draw to win a Cornish Pisky Pal of your own, please post your returned Pisky Trail to The Old Mill Shop either in the letter box outside on the door or in the returns box inside The Old Mill Shop. One winner for each Pisky Trail will be randomly selected from the returned Pisky Trails.

Great Value Family Fun: If you have enjoyed a Pisky Trail previously you will know how much fun it is! The little Cornish Pisky Pals are hidden around Coverack village: follow the directions on your Pisky Trail and you will be guided around Coverack, via little pathways and tracks, to find all the little Cornish Pisky Pals. Each little pisky has a name tag and if you write the names of the piskies in the correct order, the first letters spells out a Mystery Pisky Phrase – something about the Cornish Pisky Pals that other people don’t know! Finding the hiding piskies appeals to a wide age range and when reading and then writing the name of the pisky in the booklet, it is surprisingly educational! There are more than 20 little piskies to be found, if several of you are completing a Pisky Trail the competitive element can cause great entertainment too.

The time taken to complete a Pisky Trail varies depending on how quick you are at finding piskies, and if you get distracted by the beautiful sights around Coverack and the shops and cafes in the village, roughly a couple of hours to complete a Pisky Trail. Some families that are staying in Coverack enjoy completing a Pisky Trail in stages over a few days!

Happy to be back! The piskies are so pleased to be back, hiding in Coverack. We hope that lots of you can enjoy a Pisky Trail! Coverack Village Early Summer Pisky Trail is available daily until 4pm on Tuesday 11th August and the Late Summer Pisky Trail starts on 13th August and is available daily until 7th September, new route and hiding piskies! As with so many small businesses at the moment we have found the Lockdown period very challenging and we would like to say that we really do appreciate your support, from buying Pisky Trails to may be buying a handmade Cornish Pisky, all support is much appreciated, thank you!