Piskies…from Ancient Cornish Folklore!

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We often get asked what a Pisky actually is; a pisky isn’t just from our imagination! Piskies are ‘little folk’ and have had stories told about them for generations. The rest of the country might have pixies but in Cornwall there are Piskies and they are different!

A Cornish Pisky is said to be a bit cheeky and a bit mischievous but also a Luck Charm. (We can’t guarantee the Lucky Charm bit!)  but always very proud to be Cornish!

Growing up in Cornwall: Many people like us, who have been born and brought up in Cornwall, will have heard the stories of the Cornish Piskies. There are tales of Piskies on the moors leading people back to safety when they are lost.

We were always told by our Gran to ‘Look out for the Piskies’ when we were playing in her garden, and so Piskies have been with us all our life! Our Piskies were cute and happy little Cornish Pisky Pals that liked to help each other and that used all the natural resources around them. As adults when we went to buy a little Pisky, we could only find metal or clay Piskies with cross, grumpy faces, which is nothing like the Piskies from our childhood…so we set out to make our own happy little Cornish Pisky Pals.

Coverack, the home of the Cornish Pisky Pals: We are really pleased that now so many people associate Coverack with little hiding Piskies! We love to hear children saying ‘we have been finding Piskies all our life!’ (Cornish Pisky Pals have been trading since 2012 so that is a life time for some!) Many people enjoy exploring Coverack with a Pisky Trail and finding all the hiding Cornish Pisky Pals. Pisky Trails are available in Coverack every school holiday, with a varied route and a new Mystery Pisky phrase each holiday. We have written a book ‘Pisky Treasure’ which tells you more about the adventures that the Cornish Pisky Pals of Coverack get up to.

Pisky HQ: What was originally our garden shed is now Pisky HQ, the home of the Cornish Pisky Pals! This year Pisky HQ is open by appointment for family groups, please contact us by email or social media if you would like to visit and meet all of the Piskies. There is a small Pisky Garden where the Piskies play and all Pisky products are available to buy. The little Cornish Pisky Pals love to have visitors so please get in touch.