Cornish Pisky Pal Pisky Trails 2022

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Many of you will have already enjoyed Pisky Trails this year. Every school holiday we have a different selection of Cornish Pisky Pals hiding in the pretty fishing village of Coverack, in the West of Cornwall, to form a Pisky Trail.

For those of you who don’t know where Coverack is this page for our illustrated children’s book Pisky Treasure gives you a bit more information.

A Pisky Trail costs £2.50 and is available from Coverack Village Stores or The Old Mill Shop, Coverack during normal opening hours.

The Pisky Trail guides you to the hiding Piskies, each of whom is displaying their name. The first letter of the Piskies name will spell out a mystery Pisky phrase, this changes for each Pisky Trail.

To complete the Pisky Trail simply write the mystery Pisky phrase on your Pisky Trail and return it to Coverack Village Stores or The Old Mill Shop, Coverack.

With every Pisky Trail there is a Cornish Pisky Pal sticker, that you can wear with pride.

Each returned Pisky Trails will be entered into a prize draw, one lucky winner will win their own Cornish Pisky Pal that can be chosen from our on line shop.

Pisky Trails in Coverack:

27th May daily until 20th June 2022

8th July daily until 9th August 2022

11th August daily until 12th September 2022

14th October daily until 31st October 2022

16th December daily until 2nd January 2023

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