Introducing our new Cornish Pisky Pal, Steren

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New for 2021 is a little Cornish Pisky Pal dressed in purple and teal. Lots of you suggested a name for this pisky and after much consideration we chose Steren, that is the Cornish word for star, thank you Sally Jones for this suggestion. Just like a star we think this little Pisky would brighten up any night sky! With a teal coloured tunic and hat and purple boots and collar Steren’s happy little face shines out! Steren can be purchased from our on line shop, and there is still time for Steren to be with you for Easter.

Alongside Piran, Steren has a love of the night sky and is most likely to be found star gazing!

Steren’s Birthday is 9th February. Each of our Cornish Pisky Pals is hand made by us here in Cornwall, as well as being unique they all have their own characters, for details about each pisky visit the Meet the Cornish Pisky Pals page of our website.

Cornish Piskies share their love of Easter, with a free Pisky basket!

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The little Cornish Pisky Pals are looking forward to Easter; it is the perfect time of year for Piskies. Easter is all about hunts and trails and the little Piskies love hiding…if you have ever completed a Coverack Pisky Trail you will know that some piskies are really very good at hiding!

To celebrate Easter and spring we are running a special promotion on our online shop – each little Cornish Pisky Pal ordered as an Easter gift, between now and Easter Sunday (4th April 2021), will arrive with a free handmade tiny wool basket! You can choose what you want to put in this little basket: a shell, flowers, some money or even a tiny chocolate egg!

Cornish Pisky Pals are a perfect healthy Easter gift that can be treasured for years to come, we also have other Pisky gifts available such as the Cornish Pisky Pal book ‘Pisky Treasure’, pisky Glow in the Dark Lights or if you really do want something yummy and Cornish… ‘Pisky Fudge’, Roskilly’s Clotted Cream fudge in pisky sized pieces! Pop over to our online shop to see what we little gifts could make someone’s Easter extra special!

Please add in the note to merchant section of our website that your order is an Easter gift, we will then add a free pisky Easter basket with your order. Unfortunately we are not able to retrospectively add Easter baskets to your order.

Pisky Forever Homes Competition!

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We loved seeing all the photos that were sent to us in response to our competition to win one of our limited edition Cornish Pisky Pals ‘Hope’ – Hope is dressed in all the colours of the Rainbow. The name for this little Pisky came in via Facebook and we thought that Jackie’s idea of ‘Hope’ was such a fitting name for a Pisky in the current climate! Below is a selection of just some of the entries to our competition.

Thank you to all who sent photos of their little Cornish Pisky Pals in their new forever home to us. It was a difficult decision but Eva’s photo was chosen as the winner. Eva’s little Piskies were lucky enough to have hammocks, ladder, hand drawn pictures and even little Pisky friends to make them feel very at home. Little Pisky ‘Hope’ has now arrived at Eva’s house and is being equally well looked after. Congratulations Eva and thank you for looking after your Piskies so well!

If you wish to purchase Hope, or any of our other Cornish Pisky Pals, they are available from our on line shop. Our little Piskies are individually hand made by us here at Pisky HQ with lots of love and care. Through running this competition we have seen that when the Piskies go off to their new forever homes they continue to be well looked after and cared for, it is heart-warming to see. Please look at our online shop to order a Cornish Pisky Pal, they are a lovely special gift for someone.

Competition! New limited Edition Cornish Pisky Pal to be won!

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We have a new limited edition Cornish Pisky Pal available to purchase from our on line shop.

One lucky person will win this new Pisky, called Hope, who is looking for a new home! Read below to find out how this little Pisky could be arriving to your door, by post!

We have really missed seeing everyone over the last year. We would have met lots of you at Pisky Trails that we usually hold at Roskilly’s Farm, at Craft Fairs, and lots of you would have come to visit us at Pisky HQ, to pop into the shop or taken part in a workshop as a holiday activity or Birthday treat. During 2020 very little face to face contact has been possible and we miss you! To make us all feel a bit happier we thought we would run a little competition!

We know that a lot of you look after your little piskies really well…or would do if you had one… so we would love to see a photo! Please send us a photograph either of your Cornish Pisky Pal in their forever home or where your little Pisky would live if you had a little Cornish Pisky. Photos can be posted on our Facebook page or emailed to

We will choose a winner on Sunday 21st February and if you win, your limited edition Pisky will be posted to your home address. Use your imagination to think where your little Pisky will feel most at home. We should mention that we love creative thinking and homemade!

The prize Pisky is not the main new Pisky for 2021 (we are working on that too!) but a limited edition Pisky only available from we will only make a few, one as the prize and the others to go on the website but when they are gone they are gone!

Here are some photos of some very well cared for Piskies that have been sent to us over the years!

Piskies share their love of Cornwall with a special offer…

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Blush and Kez are special Cornish Piskies as they are the only piskies in our collection of Cornish Pisky Pals that wink! To help share the love of Cornwall any Blush or Kez Pisky sold from our online shop between now and 10th February 2021 will come with a free red card heart with the Cornish ‘Gans Karenza’ on one side and the English ‘With Love’ on the other side. Little Piskies Blush and Kez are truly Valentine Piskies, as they celebrate their Birthday on 14th February.

If you love Cornwall, this is a unique way of sharing the love of this beautiful part of the world:

A little Cornish Pisky Pal by post, is a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them and it supports a small, independent Cornish business, which is very much appreciated in these challenging times!

As a Cornish business we in turn aim to support as many other Cornish businesses as we can, keeping our little Cornish Pisky Pals…As Cornish As Can Be!

A Cornish Pisky Pal delivered to the address of your choice in the UK costs just £8.50

There are many different colour combinations of Pisky available, each with their own names, birthdays and individual little characters! Each little Pisky is hand made by us here in Coverack, from their little button nose to their curly boot toes!

Details on the ‘meet the piskies’ page will help you find out more about your chosen Pisky! There is the option of sending your Pisky with a personalised message from Cornwall to wherever you would like in the UK.

Hopefully this will help you share the love of this very special place and perhaps trigger some lovely memories for the recipient.

A very Cornish Christmas with Festive Cornish Pisky Pals®

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Cornish Piskies have been part of Cornish life for generations and Cornish Piskies have always enjoyed Christmas! Long before any ‘elf’ sat on any ‘shelf’, the little Cornish Piskies were enjoying Christmas and causing their own mischief!

It is lovely to see that through our small business many people have decided to reclaim the Cornish tradition of a cheeky little Pisky in the house! Festive Cornish Pisky Pals® have a loop so that they can hang from a Christmas Tree alongside other Christmas decorations, they also have the addition of glitter to add to that festive feeling!

As with all Cornish Pisky Pals our Festive Piskies are completely handmade, from their little faces with individual expressions, (that are always happy!) to the laces on their tiny Pisky boots and everything in between!

Each named Festive Pisky has a different coloured outfit and details about their character and when their Birthdays are, can been found on the Meet the Festive Pisky page of the website: Twinkle & Sparkle Jingle & Belle Noel & Yule Mistletoe & Cracker Sugar Plum or Cringle And our most recent addition to the Festive Piskies Nadelik. (Nadelik means Christmas in Cornish)

All of these little festive Cornish Pisky Pals would love to join your house for Christmas…and if someone eats those special chocolates or moves the decorations around on the Christmas tree…you will know who to blame!

The main Pisky characters of: Perran, Izzy, Sam, Katie and Yasmin are also available as Festive piskies with added glitter and loop so there should be a Pisky to suit everyone’s taste!

A very Cornish Gift At this time of year, festive Perran is particularly popular as those who can’t be in Cornwall for Christmas can receive their own tiny bit of Cornwall to make them smile. Festive Perran is wearing the Cornish colours of Black & Gold and it doesn’t get more Cornish than this little chap, with his happy Cornish grin, bringing you all the luck that he can, hanging on your Christmas Tree!

The perfect little patch for your Cornish Pisky!

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The perfect little patch for your Cornish Pisky is handmade at Pisky HQ in Cornwall.

Your Pisky Patch sits on a slice of Cornish log with a fabric leaf seat on a willow frame, and comes with the Cornish Pisky Pal of your choice. The approximate size is 10 cm x 12 cm.

Choose if your little Cornish Pisky Pal would prefer their seat to be beside a colourful red and white toadstool or a handmade glow in the dark light. (Glow in the dark lights recharge each day and glow each night).

To purchase your own Pisky Patch visit the shop on our website, first select your Pisky. From the drop down menu beside each Pisky click on your chosen option.

Whether you choose a toadstool or a glow in the dark light your Cornish Pisky Pal can sit back and relax in their own perfect little patch of Cornwall and watch the world go by!

Piskies at half term

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There are lots of ways to enjoy piskies this half term. If you are luck enough to be in the West of Cornwall we have a Pisky Trail in Coverack Village that is available daily until 2nd November 2020. Buy your Pisky Trail (£2.50) from Coverack Village Stores or The Old Mill Shop in Coverack, this will guide you to the piskies hiding in the Village. No need to book, complete the Pisky Trail in your own time, space and social bubble! All piskies are behind glass and we ask you don’t touch the area around the pisky to help keep everyone safe.

Our Cornish Pisky Pal Autumn/Winter newsletter is now available, those of you who have signed up for our newsletter should have received it this week.

The newsletter introduces our new Festive Pisky called Nadelik the Cornish word for Christmas, thanks to one of our Facebook friends Maria for the name suggestion. A Festive Pisky has a loop so it can be used as a decoration and a bit of sparkle to add to that festive feel. Nadelik is dressed in Teal and has a mint coloured collar and sparkle edge to their tunic. Nadelik, and all our Cornish Pisky Pals are available to buy from our website so wherever you are in the world you can enjoy a little bit of Cornwall in your home.

The newsletter also includes a Pisky wordsearch and Pisky story, that describes how Cornish Piskies manage the darker evenings with the help of glow in the dark lights !

Our newsletter will soon be available to download for free from our website, if you can’t wait please contact us and we will email a newsletter to you.

Piskies…from Ancient Cornish Folklore!

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We often get asked what a Pisky actually is; a pisky isn’t just from our imagination! Piskies are ‘little folk’ and have had stories told about them for generations. The rest of the country might have pixies but in Cornwall there are Piskies and they are different!

A Cornish Pisky is said to be a bit cheeky and a bit mischievous but also a Luck Charm. (We can’t guarantee the Lucky Charm bit!)  but always very proud to be Cornish!

Growing up in Cornwall: Many people like us, who have been born and brought up in Cornwall, will have heard the stories of the Cornish Piskies. There are tales of Piskies on the moors leading people back to safety when they are lost.

We were always told by our Gran to ‘Look out for the Piskies’ when we were playing in her garden, and so Piskies have been with us all our life! Our Piskies were cute and happy little Cornish Pisky Pals that liked to help each other and that used all the natural resources around them. As adults when we went to buy a little Pisky, we could only find metal or clay Piskies with cross, grumpy faces, which is nothing like the Piskies from our childhood…so we set out to make our own happy little Cornish Pisky Pals.

Coverack, the home of the Cornish Pisky Pals: We are really pleased that now so many people associate Coverack with little hiding Piskies! We love to hear children saying ‘we have been finding Piskies all our life!’ (Cornish Pisky Pals have been trading since 2012 so that is a life time for some!) Many people enjoy exploring Coverack with a Pisky Trail and finding all the hiding Cornish Pisky Pals. Pisky Trails are available in Coverack every school holiday, with a varied route and a new Mystery Pisky phrase each holiday. We have written a book ‘Pisky Treasure’ which tells you more about the adventures that the Cornish Pisky Pals of Coverack get up to.

Pisky HQ: What was originally our garden shed is now Pisky HQ, the home of the Cornish Pisky Pals! This year Pisky HQ is open by appointment for family groups, please contact us by email or social media if you would like to visit and meet all of the Piskies. There is a small Pisky Garden where the Piskies play and all Pisky products are available to buy. The little Cornish Pisky Pals love to have visitors so please get in touch.

Pisky Trails are back!

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As with all businesses, since Covid19 the Piskies have had to make some changes in order to keep us all safe and to meet the Government Guidelines. We had to cancel Pisky Trails during Lockdown and unfortunately all Pisky Trails at Roskilly’s Farm this year, but with a few adjustments we will run both the Early and Late Summer Pisky Trails in Coverack Village.  All the named piskies will be hiding around the village but this time they are out of reach, behind glass or Perspex. We ask those people taking part to respect social distancing, to Pisky Trail in family groups and not to touch the area around where the pisky is hiding. With these alterations in place we are bringing fun family Pisky Trails back to Coverack. Only in Coverack is hiding piskies a sign that we are getting back to normal!

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Early Summer Pisky Trail in Coverack: £2.50 per Pisky Trail; available from Coverack Village Stores, The Old Mill Shop (cash payment only for the Pisky Trails). If you would rather not go into a shop, we are offering a ‘Click & Collect’ from Pisky H.Q. Trevothen, Coverack TR12 6SD. Please order at least the day before through; Private message on Facebook, Instagram or email  and we will send a secure link payment request. After payment, your Pisky Trails can then be collected from outside Pisky HQ the next day or your preferred date. email for more details. 

One Cornish Pisky Pal sticker will be given with each Pisky Trail purchased, this will now be given when you purchase your Pisky Trail. To enter the prize draw to win a Cornish Pisky Pal of your own, please post your returned Pisky Trail to The Old Mill Shop either in the letter box outside on the door or in the returns box inside The Old Mill Shop. One winner for each Pisky Trail will be randomly selected from the returned Pisky Trails.

Great Value Family Fun: If you have enjoyed a Pisky Trail previously you will know how much fun it is! The little Cornish Pisky Pals are hidden around Coverack village: follow the directions on your Pisky Trail and you will be guided around Coverack, via little pathways and tracks, to find all the little Cornish Pisky Pals. Each little pisky has a name tag and if you write the names of the piskies in the correct order, the first letters spells out a Mystery Pisky Phrase – something about the Cornish Pisky Pals that other people don’t know! Finding the hiding piskies appeals to a wide age range and when reading and then writing the name of the pisky in the booklet, it is surprisingly educational! There are more than 20 little piskies to be found, if several of you are completing a Pisky Trail the competitive element can cause great entertainment too.

The time taken to complete a Pisky Trail varies depending on how quick you are at finding piskies, and if you get distracted by the beautiful sights around Coverack and the shops and cafes in the village, roughly a couple of hours to complete a Pisky Trail. Some families that are staying in Coverack enjoy completing a Pisky Trail in stages over a few days!

Happy to be back! The piskies are so pleased to be back, hiding in Coverack. We hope that lots of you can enjoy a Pisky Trail! Coverack Village Early Summer Pisky Trail is available daily until 4pm on Tuesday 11th August and the Late Summer Pisky Trail starts on 13th August and is available daily until 7th September, new route and hiding piskies! As with so many small businesses at the moment we have found the Lockdown period very challenging and we would like to say that we really do appreciate your support, from buying Pisky Trails to may be buying a handmade Cornish Pisky, all support is much appreciated, thank you!