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Many of you over the years have signed up to receive the Cornish Pisky Pal Newsletter, some of you are staying in touch from when we first started in 2012! The Pisky Newsletter is never more than 4 times a year and it brings you up to date with all of the Pisky goings on! We have just sent out our Summer 2020 Newsletter (for some reason we missed the Spring edition this year, can’t think why!)

A Pisky Newsletter includes an update of what is new in the Pisky world, including an introduction to any new Cornish Pisky Pals – the Summer 2020 Newsletter introduces you to our new Cornish Pisky Pal ‘Hero’! There is a full list of Pisky Trail dates or Pisky events for that season and a reminder of which little Cornish Pisky Pals will be celebrating their Birthday in the forthcoming months.

The final part of the Pisky Newsletter is a short story about the Cornish Pisky Pals of Coverack, what they get up to and where you might find them if you look carefully! Just to check that you are good at finding things we have also included a wordsearch, including words that can be found in the Pisky story.

To give you a little insight, below is the Summer 2020 Newsletter story.

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Summer Pisky Story.   

Little piskies love wild flowers and during the summer you will probably notice not just flowers but also seed heads. Seed dispersal is a way that wildflowers can spread to other places and the Cornish Pisky Pals enjoy helping the seeds to go a little bit further than usual so that in the future there will be even more wild flowers!

If you know the Piskies well you will have heard of ‘Pop’ Perran’s Grandad. It probably won’t surprise you to know that Pop loves popping seed pods! Pop has a walking stick and he pokes at seed pods of vetch and gorse to make them spring into action and fire seeds far and wide! The little piskies have to take cover if they are nearby!

Katie likes to carefully pick the seed cups of Pink Campion flowers and then shake out a few at a time so that she makes a seed trail for other piskies to follow. Shanty loves to blow dandelion clocks and watch the little seeds float off in the air. It’s quite hard work for a little pisky to blow so hard that the seeds actually float off so piskies don’t usually manage to blow very many!

The most popular activity amongst the young little piskies has to be sticky catch! Sticky catch involves the seeds of goose grass. These tiny balls stick to clothing and the piskies gather up as many seed balls as they can and then throw them at each other so that they stick to each other’s clothes! At the end of the game they are all very tired and giggly; they pick off the seeds where they stand.

Whichever way of spreading the wild flower seeds they choose the little piskies know that they have helped the wild flowers reach a little bit further than they would without the piskies help and the flowers will help the insects and look beautiful the following year.

Read the Autumn Newsletter to find out what the Cornish Pisky Pals get up to next…

If  you have enjoyed the Pisky story and want to read more about Cornish Pisky Pals we have written and illustrated a book ‘Pisky Treasure’ is available at Pisky H.Q. from our website www.cornishpisky.co.uk or from our usual stockists.

If you would like to receive a Pisky Newsletter please email us at info@cornishpisky.co.uk  Please be reassured that we securely store your email address and we only send you a quarterly Pisky Newsletter (at the most!) We do not pass on your email address to anyone else. We hope that you enjoy finding out a little bit more about Cornish Pisky Pals!

Cornish Pisky Pals  ….As Cornish as can be!                                 

Piskies take messages around the country!

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A Cornish Pisky, according to Cornish folklore, is a lucky charm. You can now send more than just a lucky charm; you can make your Cornish Pisky unique and individual by adding a personalised label. Your little Cornish Pisky Pal can now be delivered with a coloured card label and a hand written message.

Here at Pisky HQ we have really enjoyed offering this service and Piskies have been sent to help celebrate special days such as Birthdays and Anniversaries but also to tell someone they are still being remembered. With messages such as “Thank you for all you do” and “Take care and stay strong” the little Cornish Pisky Pals are helping to cheer people up and keep things positive.

If you visit our website shop you can add a personalised message on a colourful card with your Cornish pisky for £1.00, the message can be up to 50 characters and really helps make an already individual gift truly unique. Your chosen little Cornish Pisky Pal will be hand selected by us here at Pisky HQ, we will then hand write your personal message on a coloured gift label for your little Pisky to hold.

The little Pisky is then placed in our handmade gift pouch, which has information about Cornish Piskies, and then carefully packaged and sent off in the post via Royal Mail, either to you or your chosen delivery address.

So whether you want to say hello from Cornwall or that you care; a little Cornish Pisky Pal is a perfect postable gift for keeping in touch long distance! Our Pisky website has had a little re order just to make it more obvious all the pisky variations that are available! You now simply choose the Pisky that you like and then tick the box as to whether you would like the Pisky as a standard pisky, with a loop, a hammock, a hammock set and as we have just mentioned, the option for a personalised message. We look forwards to receiving many more personalised messages and helping the Piskies to spread a bit of happiness.

A rainbow from Cornwall

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We may not be able to hold Pisky Trails and meet you in person at the moment but that doesn’t mean that we are not busy back here at Pisky HQ, Coverack! We’ve created a new Cornish Pisky Pal!

The colours for a new Cornish Pisky Pal were planned and purchased before Christmas and we put out a sneak preview in January 2020 of the rainbow colours we planned to use. From that point so much happened and with so much uncertainty we delayed the launch, but in May 2020 our little Cornish piskies couldn’t wait any longer to share the news of the new Cornish Pisky Pal!

With the help of our friends on social media, who made suggestions for a name, the Piskies chose the name that Evie suggested and Hero joined us! Considering the current climate Hero seemed to be the perfect name.

Hero is a bright and cheerful pisky, dressed from head to toe in the colours of the rainbow. Hero can always be relied on to help out, whenever there is a need. It is always useful to have a little hero around so why not treat yourself or someone special to their own little Hero!

Hero, and all our other Cornish Pisky Pals, now have new options available when you buy from our online shop. Our Pisky website has had a little re order just to make it more obvious all the Cornish pisky variations that are available! You now simply choose the Pisky that you like and then tick the box to choose if you would like the Pisky as a standard pisky, with a loop, a hammock, a hammock set or a birthday banner.

Also new is the option for a personalised message with your Cornish pisky. This makes a really special gift, your chosen little Cornish Pisky Pal arriving with its own personal message. Perfect for showing you care and keeping in touch long distance!

We still have the Meet the Cornish Pisky Pals page where you can find out all you need to know about your new little Cornish friend!

A sweet special offer on Cornish fudge – pisky sized!

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Pisky Fudge: One of the Cornish Pisky Pals’ favourite treats!

Pisky Fudge is made just up the road from Pisky HQ at Roskilly’s Farm, sold in 100g bags of tiny cubes of delicious Clotted Cream Fudge, perfect for sharing…or not! It can be enjoyed as a treat on its own and is also perfect for baking.

Pisky Fudge is usually sold in local shops and at our Pisky Trails but, due to the current situation, sales have dropped and this will be the last Pisky Fudge available for some time. This weekend you can get four 100g bags of Pisky Fudge £10 delivered direct to your door while stocks last. (The best before date is the end of June 2020)

There are lots of things you can do with Pisky Fudge! Why not try some of these ideas.

Delicious sprinkled on ice cream.

A birthday treat

We’d love to see your pisky fudge creations!

Use the hashtag #cornishpiskypals on Instagram or post to our Facebook page!

This weekend we have a sweet special offer – 4 packs of Pisky Fudge for £10, delivered to your door!

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This weekend (2nd & 3rd May) our Cornish Pisky Pals Pisky Fudge is on Special Offer!

Each pack of Cornish Pisky Pals Pisky Fudge contains Pisky sized cubes of Roskilly’s Clotted Cream Fudge, produced in Cornwall.

A proper taste of Cornwall and perfect for sharing, decorating cakes, topping ice cream or eating yourself!

Four 100g bags for £10, delivered to your door.

Ingredients: sugar, skimmed MILK, glucose syrup, clotted CREAM (MILK), 17% Fondant (sugar, glucose, water), sea salt.

Coverack Pisky Trail captured on You Tube

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Thank you to Cornish Walking Trails who made this fantastic You Tube clip of their Pisky Trail experience in Coverack.

Filmed by Cornish Walking Trails

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Pisky Trails consists of around 30 small named piskies hiding. To take part in a Pisky Trail you need to buy a Pisky Trail for £2.50, from a designated local shop or our Cornish Pisky Pal stall. Your Pisky Trail guides you to the hidden piskies, each pisky has a label with their name on it. Write the name of the pisky on your Pisky Trail, when you’ve found all the piskies, the first letter of their names spell out a ‘mystery pisky phrase’.

Return your Pisky Trail to be entered into the prize draw, you could win your very own Cornish Pisky Pal, each returned Pisky Trail will be exchanged for a Cornish Pisky Pal sticker (one for each Pisky Trail).

Pisky Trails are primarily fun but have an educational aspect, encouraging reading and writing for a purpose, reinforcing numbers and letters as well as introducing an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment. Trails and treasure hunts are a long standing popular family activity and a Pisky Trail continues these features. A Pisky Trail also encourages exercise and enjoying our beautiful environment. We positively promote caring for our own (and the Cornish Pisky Pals) environment.

A Cornish Pisky Pal Pisky Trail creates a real buzz of excitement as children hunt for and find little piskies! It’s great value and families can easily spend an hour or two hunting for piskies.

Our Pisky Trails appeal to a wide age range and many people come back time and time again, each Pisky Trail is different with new pisky hiding places and a new ‘Mystery Pisky Phrase’.

What pisky trailers have told us…
“We did the pisky trail today. It was the perfect weather for a piskie hunt! ☀️ We had a really lovely afternoon down in Coverack. The trail was so much fun to do, we all loved it and it kept the children occupied for the whole walk. Perfect family afternoon”. 

Upcoming Events:

Coverack Village Easter Half Term Pisky Trail

26th March 2020, daily until 27th April 2020

Coverack Village Pisky Trails are available from The Old Mill Shop and Coverack Village Stores during usual opening hours (Also available from Pisky H.Q TR12 6SD).
It cost £2.50 for each Pisky Trail that will guide you to the hiding piskies, Follow the route and write down the names of the piskies you find (leave the piskies there for other people to find!), the first letter of their names will spell out a Mystery Pisky phrase. A Pisky Trail is a great way to explore Coverack and the route and phrase change each school holiday!
When you return your Pisky Trail you will receive a Pisky sticker and be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win your very own Cornish Pisky Pal.

Pisky Trail at Roskilly’s Farm, St Keverne TR12 6NX

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April 2020

Pisky trails are available between 11 am – 3 pm. It costs £2.50 for a Pisky Trail there are two types of Pisky Trail available to guide you to the hiding piskies. Come and have fun finding all the Cornish Pisky Pals hiding on the farm – new hiding places and new Mystery Pisky Phrase! Receive a Cornish Pisky Pal sticker for each returned Pisky Trail and get entered into the prize draw. Parking is free and dogs on leads are welcome.

For Pisky Trail dates planned for 2020 please see the calendar on this website.

Thank you to everyone who completed Coverack Village Christmas Pisky Trail

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The Coverack Village Pisky Trail has now ended, one lucky Pisky Trailer has had their Pisky Trail pulled from the magic Pisky box and is the lucky winner of their very own Cornish Pisky Pal!

Here is a nostalgic look at some of those mischievous Cornish Pisky Pals in hiding, they loved the festive theme of their hiding places for this Pisky Trail!

Introducing our new Festive Cornish Pisky Pal

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We’ve been thrilled by the number of lovely names you’ve suggested in person, or via our social media for our new Festive Pisky Pal, the decision making has filled many of our thoughts over the last few days! Eventually we have chosen the name Cringle! We may use some of the other suggestions another year as we loved them all.

Cringle is available to buy from our on line shop


Special offer – 25 % off Pisky hammock set and Pisky book. This weekend (12-13th October) only £15 delivered to your door.

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Cornish Pisky Pals make a perfect gift, especially if it needs to be posted. We have created a Pisky Gift Set that includes a Pisky with its own hammock (your choice of Pisky) and our illustrated Children’s Book ‘Pisky Treasure’. Even better, we are offering 25% off this gift set this weekend (12th-13th October).

This book will appeal to those who know and love Cornwall and the Cornish Pisky Pals® as well as those who are yet to visit this special part of the world and meet the Cornish Pisky Pals!

In this postcard sized book you can find out what the Piskies find on one of their walks on the beach and what the Pisky Pals do with their special find. As well as the story, there are activities that you might like to do and one of our Gran’s own recipes.

We have written, illustrated and published the book ourselves and it has the Made In Cornwall logo, as all aspects of this book were produced in Cornwall.

Don’t miss out on this limited offer!