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Cornish Pisky PalCornish Pisky Pals HQ

TR12 6SD

Cornish Pisky Pals® HQ
The home of the Cornish Pisky Pals is open to the public.
You are welcome to pop in and say ‘Hello’ come and see where the Pisky Pals® relax and play in their little Pisky garden.  Pisky HQ is where we make the little Pisky Pals, come up with our new ideas and have our full range of Pisky Product available to buy direct from us, the creators of the Cornish Pisky Pals®.
Opening times vary, and will be on the events calendar on this website, on the sign on the gate outside Pisky HQ and posted on Facebook.
If you would like to make an appointment to visit then please feel free to contact us to arrange a mutually agreeable time.

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Tel:- 01326 281448

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