Our pisky rock group!

We get the inspiration for our piskies from Coverack, which has an unusual geology. Commonly found rocks in Coverack are gabbro and serpentine, so the latest additions to our pisky family are named after them!

This year we reintroduced Gabbro, originally one of our early pisky pals. We stopped making Gabbro because we couldn’t buy more of the felt that matched our CE standards (All fabric that we use to make our piskies goes through rigorous tests including those to make sure it doesn’t contain harmful dyes.) The lovely royal blue and bright orange that make up Gabbro’s outfit are now back in stock so Gabbro has joined us again! 

For a while now we have planned these next two little piskies and they fit in perfectly with our new rock group! New Cornish Pisky Pals, Serp ‘n Tine are dressed in the reds and greens of the locally found Serpentine rock! We hope you like them!

left to right are Gabbro, Serp ‘n Tine

If you look on the meet the piskies page of our website you will find out more details about our rock group of piskies, their birthday’s and the things they like!