Pisky Treasure – an illustrated children’s book


Discover what Cornish Pisky Pals get up to in this charming children’s picture book.

Find out more about Cornish Pisky Pals and the treasures you might find on Cornish beaches (if you look as carefully as a pisky looks!)

Includes an authentic Cornish recipe, piskies (sometimes hiding), special shells to spot on every page, and pictures of beautiful Cornish beaches.


Pisky Treasure: This illustrated children’s book is the first we have written about the Cornish Pisky Pals.  We have also, illustrated and published the book ourselves and it has the Made In Cornwall logo as all aspects of this book were produced in Cornwall.
In this postcard sized book you can find out what Perran and Yasmin find on one of their walks on the beach and what the Pisky Pals do with their special find. As well as the story there are activities that you might like to do and one of our Gran’s own recipes.

Included with the book are two Cornish Pisky Pal plain wood pencil with gloss paint finish,  and  white eraser.  The colour of the pencils will vary and will be of different colours.

This book will appeal to those who know and love Cornwall and the Cornish Pisky Pals® as well as those who are yet to visit this special part of the world and meet the Cornish Pisky Pals!
£6.50 including P&P (The book measures 15cm x 10.5 cm)