Yasmin dresses in blue like the Cornish sea that she loves.

If you’d like to add a personalised message on a colourful card (for an extra £1) please write your message below (up to 50 characters).

Piskies (excluding those in window hanging hammocks) come packaged inside a pisky pouch with information about Cornish Pisky Pals.
Adding a loop on the pisky hat means that piskies can be hung up, for example on a car hook, plant or on a Christmas tree. (£1 extra)
Hammocks that are free hanging have loops at the end so they can be hung up for your pisky to lie in (£3 extras)
Hammocks with suction cups attached can be stuck on to a window or mirror (£4.50 extra)
A Birthday banner is attached to a small log stand that your pisky can sit on (£6.50 extra)
Leaf seat and glow in the dark lights on a log stand (£11.50 extra)
Leaf seat and toadstool on a log stand (£11.50)


Yasmin dresses in blue like the Cornish sea that she loves.

Cornish Pisky Pals are individually handmade, in Cornwall to CE standards.
They all have slightly different expressions. A Cornish Pisky Pal is approx. 6cm tall and comes packaged in a card pouch with a description of what a pisky is and that they are individual handmade in Cornwall. There is even the Cornish translation for ‘As Cornish as can be!’ which is ‘Mar gernewek dell yllir!’ Because they are! We’ve tried to capture the colours of the piskies as accurately as possible, but the shades of colours may vary slightly.


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