Short pisky stories

Pip the pirate pisky

Pip is the Cornish Pisky Pal’s own friendly Pirate. He has a patch over one eye and a peg leg. He has had a fascinating life and just loves adventures and telling the little Pisky Pals about them.  

You might think that Pip’s injuries where due to savage sword fights or massive gunshot wounds – Pip would like you to think that… but actually it has more to do with falling asleep in the wrong place!

Even when Pip was younger he was always seeking adventure. You don’t have to go far for an adventure when you are Pisky size! One day he managed to sneak on board one of the Coverack fishing boats as a tiny Pisky stow away. He loved this adventure out on the big wide sea, he was much further out than any Pisky boat would risk. He watched the sea gulls and terns swooping overhead, the gannets diving and the dolphins leaping out of the water. It was a great adventure for a small Pisky. It was so exciting that it was quite tiring and Pip decided to have a little nap on a comfy pile of rope at the far end of the boat. Unfortunately Pip hadn’t realised that that the coil of rope was connected to crab pots. The fisherman was heading out to cast his pots and see if he could catch any crabs. Whilst Pip slept the crab pots and markers where dropped over the side until the rope coil that Pip was on whizzed up in the air and into the sea.

Pip was trapped with one leg caught in the rope – just as he was about to be pulled underwater, a gull saw him and mistaking him for a tasty shrimp grabbed him from the rope, the gull pulled so hard that it badly damaged Pip’s leg. He was left dangling from the gull’s beak shouting loudly and wriggling. Pip wriggled so much he slipped out of the gull’s beak and thankfully landed back in the fishing boat. He caught his eye as he landed but other than that was safe.

Pip now has a peg leg and a patch over one eye. If you ask him what happened he has many different versions of that day at sea!

Pip the pirate pisky keeping watch on the comings and goings of Coverack

Beach cleaning with the Cornish Pisky Pals

The Cornish Pisky Pals love living in Cornwall and particularly Coverack but in recent years they have noticed a big change and it is not a good one. The piskies have noticed more and more rubbish appearing along the roads and paths, in the rivers and the sea and washed up on their favourite beaches. Many people seem to just leave their rubbish and much of it is plastic and it never goes away.

Shanty and Yasmin, who both particularly love the sea and beaches, called all the piskies together. (They used Pop’s Shell horn so that everyone knew it was an important meeting!). The piskies had a long discussion about what they could do to help. Shanty and Yasmin had noticed that some of the people in Coverack had put signs up asking everyone to take part in a 2 minute beach clean and take 5 pieces of rubbish off the beach each time they leave the beach.

Shanty and Yasmin enjoying Coverack beach, Cornwall

The Cornish Pisky Pals thought they could do this too and take 5 pieces of rubbish off the beach every time they leave.  To help carry the rubbish they decided to make a wheelbarrow.  Fortunately they found a mussel shell that they fixed to a willow stick frame for support.  Making a wheel was more difficult and after much thought Shanty, using a tiny saw, cut a small slice of branch (a similar size to a 1p piece) with a stick through the middle, this rolled along well.

The piskies realised that a pisky sized wheelbarrow can only carry a small amount rubbish but they also know that removing tiny bits of plastic is still important. If you are in Coverack (or any beach) please join the piskies and take 5 pieces of rubbish off the beach as you leave and remember even if these are very tiny bits of plastic it will still really help to keep the wildlife  and sea life much safer.