Special Edition Piskies

Pip the Pirate Pisky.
Pip is the Cornish Pisky Pal’s own friendly Pirate. He has a patch over one eye and a peg leg. He has had a fascinating life and just loves adventures and telling the little Pisky Pals about them.  
You might think that Pip’s injuries where due to savage sword fights or massive gunshot wounds – Pip would like you to think that… but actually it has more to do with falling asleep in the wrong place!
Unusually for a pirate, Pip works hard to protect Coverack and warn the rest of the Cornish Pisky Pals of any danger. Pip is particularly good at predicting stormy weather, a very useful skill when you are so small and you live so close to the sea! Pip’s birthday is 28th September.

Graduation Pisky.
Perran with a graduation cap and scroll is a perfect present for graduates.


Pop is the affection name for this Granddad Pisky. He loves to surprise the other piskies and “pop” out when they least expect him! Although he walks with a stick he uses it for much more than that, writing in the sand, nudging just out of reach apples off a tree and even maneuvering gently the occasional uncooperative pisky pet! Pop loves to tell a story and to gather the piskies around he blows his shell horn, this causes a rush of piskies clambering to him keen to hear his words of wisdom. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Pop and his shell horn you can read more about him in our book Pisky Treasure. Pop celebrates his birthday on 2nd January.


Gran loves to welcome visitors to her house and is interested in all the news they bring. To make visitors feels especially welcome and keen to come again she likes to bake for them. She nearly always has a cake tin full of the piskies favorite rock buns, made with a bit of pisky fudge that is a firm pisky favorite. If you would like to make your own rock buns the recipe is included in our pisky book ‘Pisky Treasure’. Gran celebrates her birthday on the 14th July.